CSMLab follows an interdisciplinary approach:

 The research activities of the laboratory include the development and study of reinforced composite materials on a multiple scale. The properties which mainly studied in our laboratory include electrical, mechanical and thermoelectric. The study of such properties is accomplished by using various devices and instruments of the laboratory. Information about the equipment can be found here.

Τhe materials that used in our research laboratory are epoxy resins, which are the matrix phase of composite materials. As regards the reinforced materials, these consist of:
• Fibers, Unidirectional and Fabrics of glass, carbon and aramid fibers.
• Nano-tubes and carbon nano-fibers, carbon black, graphene.
The various forms of reinforcements are aimed to the creation of new hybrid materials with enhanced properties for a variety of applications such as shipbuilding, aerospace, electronics, automotive etc.


Visit of Klaus Friedrich, Emeritus Professor and Research Consultant, Institute for Composite Materials (IVW GmbH)
Wednesday 12 June 2019 at 11:00 am, at the premises of our Department, room ΚΥ1

The 18th international conference on fracture and damage mechanics (FDM 2019) will take place in Rodos (Rhodes), Greece. The conference series has the support of the experts in the field of fracture and damage mechanics and has become established as a leading international forum for presentation latest research. The high quality researches presented at the previous meetings are archived in conference proceedings published in book form. In addition special issues in leading journals such as International Journal of Fracture, Engineering Fracture Mechanics and Key Engineering Materials have been devoted to the work presented at the meeting. The proceedings one the 18th international conference will be published in the Journal of Key Engineering Materials and distributed to the delegates at the conference..

Conference organisers:
Professor Alkis Paipetis
University of Ioannina
Professor Ferri M.H.Aliabadi,
Imperial College, London

For further information please visit:

CSML as partner in the H2020 “AIRPOXY” project will participate in the dissemination session for the project at the 9th International Conference on Innovation in Aviation and Space (EASN) which will be held in Athens on 4th September 2019. More Information can be found under

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